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Drugs 101

Introduction to Drug Methods and Mythology

Drugs 101 - Simple as 1, 2, 3
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Some people use drugs. Other people let drugs use them.

Welcome to Drugs 101 - everything you want to know about drugs but are too embarassed to admit you don't know. Here, there are no stupid questions. Only inexperienced ones.

Everyone is welcome - if you're not a beginner, we invite you to share your experience and wisdom with those who are. If you're a beginner, welcome to a brave new world of experiences and excitement.

Knowlege and moderation are the keys to successful and responsible use of recreational substances. Know yourself, know your limits, and know what you're putting in your body. Would you rather learn the hard way?

We've been there. We've done that. Learn from our experiences, read our resources, and make your own informed decisions.

We encourage the informed, responsible use of recreational drugs, including alcohol, tobacco, and caffiene. A drug is a drug, no matter whether legal or illegal, and should be treated with respect. When you know what you're doing, your experience will be safer and more positive.

Be safe. Be informed. Be resposible.

tones, community maintainer

Favorite Communities:

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drug_experience: another great comm focused more on experience than chemistry
envision: another rich information source
antisxe_sex: so you're a HOT drug user... (suggested by a community member)
anti_anti_drug: fed up with "anti-drugs?" this is the community for you! (suggested by a community member)

The Rules of the Road

  • Please introduce yourself when you join! You don't have to give any more info than you'd like to, but we'd love to get to know you! Make a few friends, you know you wanna!

  • This is not the place for stoned/tweaked/tripped/drunk rambling. Please go to highjournal or a similar community for that.

  • Do not post your "Look at me - I'm So High!" or "This is me smoking out of my new bong!" photographs here. This should be common sense but it isn't. potshots is the community for that kind of thing.

  • All other pictures (graphic of a pill for verification, the biggest pot plant in the world, a garbage sack full of crystal meth, whatever) must be in suppliment to some sort of text post, and behind an LJ cut.

  • There aren't any stupid questions - this is "Drugs 101" after all. However, there are some questions that are not allowed due to the difficult laws of the United States of America.

  • The only sure way to piss clean on a drug test is to NOT DO DRUGS. Please - Instructing how to evade urine testing and other drug tests is not allowed. Asking how long a drug stays in your system is fine.

  • Instructions on how to synthesize ilicit chemicals (drugs, poisons, and the like) will not be allowed. Sorry.

  • Please do not link to sites where you can buy chemicals and equipment to make drugs. Also, do not post links to sites where you can buy legal chemicals (such as DXM or the like) to ingest recreationally. Take it to e-mail if you must.

  • Asking for drugs online is most non-excellent, and all posts doing this will be deleted. Do not buy or sell drugs here. drugs101 is not a place to find "The Hookup." If you'd like to ask HOW you find A hookup, that's fine, but asking people to sell you illegal substances is not. Don't do it.

  • We are not medical professionals. This advice is based solely on either personal experience or hearsay, so your experience may vary. This is "at your own risk."

  • This is not condoning the use, sale, or distribution of illicit substances. Drugs are still illegal - this includes prescribed drugs that are NOT YOURS or drugs that are prescribed to you but used in ways other than is written on the label or suggested by your doctor.